Tuesday, August 21, 2012

setting the stage

ok, lets start with the basics. im twenty nine and have been married for eight years. my husband,mike, is thirty.
going into our marriage, i had told mike that it may be difficult to have chldren because of a surgery i had as a child that left scarring around my fallopian tubes.  we were young and dumb and convinced ourselves that this really wasnt going to be an issue.
mike and i dated only a few months before we got married and as a result of this, and the fact neither of us had steady jobs yet, we put starting a family on the backburner while we adjusted to married life.  i wont lie and tell you it was perfect.  we had two unemployed people who didnt know each other very well.  there were definatly growing pains, and im glad we had the first three yeas of our marriage to build as a base, because what was about to happen flipped our world upside down.  during the first three years, i got a job with the utah department of workforce services which still am working at today and loving every min.  looking back, im so blessed to have the co workers and managers ive worked with because they have been my rocks.  work and the good we do in the community has helped me deal with the challenges life threw my way. mikey hopped through differerent jobs with fairly short employment and long stretches of unemployment.  the rest is a story for another day....

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