Wednesday, September 14, 2011

My Stories

Blog update: 

So I decided to make a list of all my most embarrassing moments over the past 15 years.  I figure I could make an HBO series or something.  Or write a book. 

-Rollerblading into a coke machine in the Harmon’s parking lot at 16 years old because I was staring at the extremely attractive guy collecting carts.
-Forgetting to put my car in park and driving into a gas station pump.  Thankfully still in high school when I managed this genius move.
-Kicked Mike (my husband) in the head when he proposed because I thought he was kidding.
-Attended a “slumber party” with co-workers and friends.  Most of us were geniuses and went out back to try out a product.  Unfortunately, we all went together.
-Fell asleep on the floor of my brother’s coffee shop and drooled all over.  It wouldn’t have been so bad if the delivery guy hadn’t shown up.
-Shoved one of my best friends into a spider so it could eat her while I ran away.
-Unbuttoned a co-worker’s pants when her fingers were broken.  She seemed like she needed the help.
-Grew out my arm pit hair in a contest to see who could grow the longest in the office. 
-Conducted a “Toga Party” in a friends house and informed all the guest that you can’t wear pants to a real Toga party. 
-Invented “Interpretive Scarf Dancing”.  This lovely form of dance involves waving various fabrics around and roping people watching.
-Swore very loudly at work when a fake spider was dropped on my head. 
-Unzipped my husband’s pants with my toe in front of friends because no one thought I could do it.  Defiantly didn’t think that one through!!
-Tried to show up my awesome skateboarding moves and ollied my board off a 6-foot cement wall. 
-Forgot to take my keys out of the ignition and left my car running for 5 hours.
-Seriously considered getting “bittersweet symphony” tattooed on my wrists.
-Ran around and kissed all my friends on the neck/cheek/lips one night.
-Streaked down the street in a quite retirement area
-Attempted to teach Kacey's dog Yoga
-Preformed Swan Lake with no ballet training while knocking over all the furniture in a friends living room
-Substitute vodka for water in a brownie recipie.  Pretty lucky we didn't blow up the oven.
-Ran up and down park city main street throwing leaves screaming that it was fall.
If you can think of any more, add em’. 

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