Tuesday, August 23, 2011

When it comes to medical procedures, men have it WAY easier than women.

Mike and I are trying another IUI (turkey baster) today.  Hopefully this one works and the next time I blog I will be pregnant.  But really, probably not.

So anyway, Mike and I were discussing the medical procedures that we have endured so far in our attempts to conceive.  Normally, trying to get pregnant is quite a fun process, but when you have fertility issues, it turns into one big overshare.  Mike feels that he has endured the most humiliating procedures, but I know I’m the winner.

Yes, Mike is handed a cup and sent to a private room, but at least his part is private!  Granted, there are a few doctor’s at the Tanner Clinic he probably will never see again as a result of some additional testing (lumps, but he’s fine), but I’ve got a whole hospital that I’m never going to again since the entire radiology staff gathered around for an up close and personal show.  Apparently the HSG test is quite the uncommon procedure at Davis.  Or they needed something to talk about in the break room. 

The HSG test isn’t the only humiliating procedure I endured.  There’s the check for endometriosis (where the Dr. shoves their entire hand inside and starts poking around) and all the extremely personal questions regarding past activities and partners.

Now onto the actual insemination.  Yes, Mike has to go in his little room, but my part is pretty much like the video we viewed in High School about cows on a dairy farm.  Not a pretty picture.  It doesn’t help that Mike is sitting around smirking since this whole thing was my idea.

Women who have children laugh as I whine and tell me it’s only going to get worse.

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